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Vaude Kinderschlafsack Kobel Adjust 500 SYN, ba...
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Mit dem Kobel 500 SYN schläft der Nachwuchs so gemütlich wie ein Eichhörnchen in seinem Nest. Dafür sorgt die wärmende und besonders pflegeleichte Kunstfaserfüllung und der raffinierte Mumienschnitt, der für eine kuschelige, körpernahe Passform sorgt. Damit der Nachwuchs nicht gleich wieder aus dem Kobel herauswächst, lässt er sich mit einem Reißverschluss für eine Körperlänge von 130 auf 165 Zentimeter verlängern. Der Clou: Mit seinen seitlichen Armöffnungen lässt sich der Kunstfaserschlafsa... Hersteller-Nr.:

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Battlefield 4 PC Origin Key GLOBAL
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The roar of high-caliber guns, the shouted orders of your squad leader, and the dread of seeing a building fall apart beneath your feet. These are the experiences waiting for you in DICE's Battlefield 4. Participate in battles waged all over the world and secure the victory for your allies.Levolution of warfareStatic maps are a thing of the past. In Battlefield 4 maps have earth-shattering events. Whether occurring naturally or triggered by the player, once they happen they are game-changers. A skyscraper falls down on the city, a town is flooded by water, a monsoon hits while a massive ship crashes into a small island. When either of them happens, be ready to adjust your approach accordingly, or the enemy will have the advantage.Flexible classesPick a class and make it your own. Battlefield 4 (PC) doesn't lock you into a predefined loadout which limits your playstyle. Make your Recon into something other than a sniper. Get a shotgun or an SMG, changing you from a long-distance support to a CQC reconnaissance expert. Every class can be more than you expect of it, because now they are defined more by gadgets than weapons.Engaging singleplayer campaignWelcome to year 2020, when a new great war erupted between nations of the world. You are Sgt. Daniel "Reck" Recker, a member of a U.S. Marine Core Squad called Tombstone. You need to stop an overly ambitious admiral from a coup d’état, and that's just the setup.Listen to your squadmates' relaxed chatter during quieter times, and coordinate with them to take down your enemies. One way or another, your squad will have your back at all times.Exciting multiplayerBattlefield 4 gameplay shines the brightest in its multiplayer. Engage in battles with up to 32 players per side, and in different, carefully designed modes. Conquest takes the battles to the land, air, and sea in fights for flags and enemy extinction. Domination is just like Conquest, but focused on infantry combat. Obliteration will have you retrieve bombs and detonate them at your enemies' key strategic locations. These are but a handful of exciting modes waiting for you in the game.Rewarding teamworkBF4 for PCis as much about accuracy as it is about working with your team. Helping your squad nets all of you Field Upgrades which vastly improve your efficiency during the match. Squad leaders can coordinate with a Commander who oversees the tides of battle. Multiplayer rewards respecting the chain of command and contributing to war efforts, like few games do.Glorious destructionIn addition to levolution, game has a dynamic damage model allowing you to reshape the levels in many different, yet always destructive ways. Drive a tank through a house to see it crumble around you. Tear down a wall with grenades, or knock the supports from under a building with a rocket launcher. Create new avenues of approach and surprise your happily camping enemies.

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